The Good Life: Sept 2020 (Just)

Hello Good Lifers,

It is rewarding to see the daily new Covid numbers dropping or at least maintaining an encouragingly low level .. Especially when one recalls that it topped 700 just a few weeks ago!

It does feel strange to go shopping, after driving there on almost  deserted roads, and then encountering everyone wearing masks.  It has been gratifying to see how tolerant and polite people are, including the checkout staff at supermarkets.

It is gratifying to see that most Farmers Markets are still flourishing .. observing all the rules, of course .. and I do encourage shoppers to patronise these venues. So many small local producers and businesses are finding life extremely difficult and they do need all the support we can give them.

Sadly, we are all missing our entertainment and with my total lack of technological skills AND a geriatric Mac I am not  able to access the many offerings of Facebook.

Of course, readers can still arrange to collect books from local libraries and Meryll William of Rainy Day (pre-loved) books in The Basin happily accepts orders by phone and is there for a couple of hours each day for their collection at an arranged time. You can contact Meryll by phone or check out the website.  PH. 9762 0862 OR

Happily, too, Arvy’s lovely little gallery and unique gift in Olinda is open every day (except Tuesday) between about 11.00 a.m. & 3.00 P.M. Continue reading “The Good Life: Sept 2020 (Just)”

The Good Life: Sometime in Sept

Hello Good Lifers,

As you’ll see from the heading I am never quite sure which day or even week it is at present!  Monday and the commitment of The Good Life defined my weeks but without that I drift from day to day! This does not seem to be an uncommon feeling at this time…

It is reassuring to know that some valued community services continue, so I was pleased to receive today the 3rd Term Report from Worowa Aboriginal Girls’ College in Healesville, in which they recount the events of this past term and describe the manner in which the college has successfully handled the crisis of the Covid pandemic. Sadly, it seems unlikely that we will be able to share in the Annual Presentation Day this year, one of my highlights, but it seems the girls have had another successful year in spite of the difficulties.

I also had the Spring newsletter today from the Collingwood Children’s Farm, which is a wonderful venue where I spent a lot of time before I moved up to the Dandenongs.  They have been closed since mid-March, which means virtually no income at all, so they have had to reply on small grants and donations to maintain their brilliant vegetable gardens and their farmyard animals and to be able to keep their staff.

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The Good Life: 17 Sept 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

How are you all coping with these hard times?! I am happy for those regional communities who have had the restrictions eased and sincerely hope the rest of us will soon be able to share this relaxation as well.

This is the time to offer as much support as we can to our small local businesses, many of whom are really struggling for survival in these hard times. Resourceful as these brave people must be, many of them have found alternatives, with local restaurants delivering meals or opening for take-away food. Happily, I have heard and read nothing but excellent reports of these services.

Don’t forget, too, that local Farmers’ Markets are still functioning .. with due regard to social distancing etc… and there are a number of Food is Free outlets around the Hills. Daily updates on FB provide details of the food offerings at the Tecoma venue!

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Book: MURMURATIONS by Carol LeFevre

Hello Friends,

During our lockdown I have been really grateful to have maintained the pleasure of reading the books which, happily, keep arriving for review.

However, I have missed sharing them during chats on The Good Life with Clare Calvet, so I was very grateful when Jules Vines asked me to provide a monthly book review segment on her Saturday morning program on 3MDR, titled “Classically Saturday”, and I had the pleasure of recently sharing a couple of these with listeners.

MURMURATIONS by Carol LeFevre   (Publisher Spinifex Publishing, an independent feminist publishing group based in Geelong and Queensland.)

This is a small novella (hand bag size and with only 112 pages) but an absolute jewel! (I thought I knew the meaning of the intriguing title (” a flight of blackbirds”. but checked. I was correct, but it can also mean “murmurings”)

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Books: PREY by L.A. LARKIN

Hello Friends,

I have been missing my weekly radio program The Good Life on 3MDR and the guests to whom I am able to speak.  I especially miss the chats I shared with book reviewer Clare Calvet.  Happily, the books for review are still arriving in number so I am not short of reading material.

I was delighted when 3MDR presenter Jules Vines invited me to be a guest book reviewer on her Saturday morning program ‘Classically Saturday’ and I have had the pleasure of sharing reviews with listeners on two occasions.

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The Good Life: Aug 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

I haven’t dated this because all the days of the week are blurred now! My weeks used to be defined by Monday afternoon spent with you on The Good Life…

I know so many lives are topsy-turvy just now, but it is heart-lifting to drive down Mt Dandenong Tourist Road and see such a profusion of wattle blossoms (all kinds of varieties), camellias and rhodies in bloom.

My first “real” daffy opened yesterday and the daphne has never bloomed more abundantly!

Of course we are all missing the music and other entertainments we share and enjoy, but if you keep an eye on your FB pages you will find there are ample opportunities to enjoy a variety of entertainment on line. Unfortunately, my geriatric Mac won’t allow me to access these and I don’t watch TV, so for me it is early dinner, bed, book, glass of wine and little rescue dog Pearl for company!

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The Good Life: Aug 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

You’ll notice there is no date on this waffle! There was an entry on FB which I found appropriate .. It listed the days as “one day, another day, next day, the other day’ …(well, I’m making up some of those, but you get the idea)!  Without my firmly  committed Monday, I find it hard to keep track of the week!

Just when it looked as though Life was beginning to return to whatever we regard as ‘normal’, here we are in even deeper isolation! Difficult and inconvenient though it is for most of us, my thoughts and sympathy really go out to those people in aged care or nursing homes and who are deprived of visits from family or friends. The days must seem interminable for so many!

I am grateful to have the company and diversion of my furry family.  My little  rescue dog Pearl, my recently ‘domesticated cats’, the strays who visit for food have a loyal following daily as I recount their activities on FB!

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The Good Life: 20 July 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

Here we go again. and still no real idea when we can all be together on The Good Life! We are all feeling the effects of this latest development but I hope it is just an inconvenience for you and that there have not been any negative health problems.

My sympathy goes to those who are feeling depressed because of the isolation, but I see there are kindly souls on Facebook who are inviting people to call them for a chat and although there are still only a limited number of live programs on 3MDR you will still find plenty of interesting listening material on offer.

Although we are seriously restricted in relation to dining out, a number of local restaurants, cafes etc are offering take-away meals and I have heard some excellent reports. There are abundant choices on the internet, so check them out.  Likewise home deliveries for fruit & vegetables and other shopping items.

I wore my mask for the first time yesterday and although it wasn’t particularly comfortable that is a small price to pay for the security it offers.

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The Good Life: 13 Jul 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

I am missing you all and the program and the interviews and on air chats!!

These are hard times for so many people and I know I shouldn’t complain…

but today’s news is so bleak it is hard not to feel gloomy.  However, it is a lovely, sunny day here in Kalorama after a very cold and foggy morning, so Here goes!

I am being entertained by and enjoying the company of my furry family, and it seems a number of people are, as the animals  have their followers of =my daily updates. The family consists of little rescue dog, Pearl, my two adopted stray cats, Shadow and Skitty, and a third little member of the stray cat family, named Midnight because of nocturnal visits for food,  who visits daily for food but has yet to be coaxed inside.

I miss seeing films, local live theatre, our art galleries, but am very grateful for the books for review which still keep rolling in. This week brought, along with several others, a new Michael Rowbotham offering,( When She Was Good) and, much closer to home, an autobiography by own local actor John Wood,It is titled How I Clawed My Way To the Middle, and promises to be most entertaining. I’ll keep you posted!

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The Good Life: 15 June 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

Well, as daily Life becomes a little more stable almost by the day, I hope it will not be too long before The Good Life will back on air!  (Fingers crossed!)

I am in total support of waiting until the situation has settled.. too risky to feel complacent yet.  There does seem to be chaos and instability everywhere and I am grateful to have my furry family and my books as a diversion.  Happily, there will also soon be films to review but it is so disappointing for both participants and audiences that there will be no live local theatre for the rest of this year.

I’m sure our local musicians and art galleries are all eagerly awaiting the easing of restrictions, but of course we still have to be mindful of the rules regarding safety precautions.  Cloudehill is open again and you can enjoy its Wintery beauty at your leisure and take advantage of the odd sunny day with which we are indulged.

Of course this is the perfect time of year for burrowing into bed early with an absorbing book and I am grateful that they are still arriving in numbers.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I was thrilled to find a new Michael Connelly among them, but sadly it does not feature Harry Bosch and I have to confess I am finding it less than riveting!  It is titled Fair Warning and features journalist Jack McEvoy, the main character of a couple of previous Connelly books. at this time!

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