The Good Life: 15 June 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

Well, as daily Life becomes a little more stable almost by the day, I hope it will not be too long before The Good Life will back on air!  (Fingers crossed!)

I am in total support of waiting until the situation has settled.. too risky to feel complacent yet.  There does seem to be chaos and instability everywhere and I am grateful to have my furry family and my books as a diversion.  Happily, there will also soon be films to review but it is so disappointing for both participants and audiences that there will be no live local theatre for the rest of this year.

I’m sure our local musicians and art galleries are all eagerly awaiting the easing of restrictions, but of course we still have to be mindful of the rules regarding safety precautions.  Cloudehill is open again and you can enjoy its Wintery beauty at your leisure and take advantage of the odd sunny day with which we are indulged.

Of course this is the perfect time of year for burrowing into bed early with an absorbing book and I am grateful that they are still arriving in numbers.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I was thrilled to find a new Michael Connelly among them, but sadly it does not feature Harry Bosch and I have to confess I am finding it less than riveting!  It is titled Fair Warning and features journalist Jack McEvoy, the main character of a couple of previous Connelly books. at this time!

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The Good Life: 8 June 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

What a turbulent week this has been!  We have shared the drama of the protest gatherings, the falling numbers of the Covid virus victims (let’s hope they don’t escalate again now), and the heart wrenching drama of Will Callaghan’s disappearance, the joy and relief when he was found safe and well!  

I think I have quoted this old Chinese curse before but I’ll share it again .. “May you live in interesting times..” and nobody could dispute that we are certainly doing that!

I am missing The Good Life, films, local live theatre and music but hope that very soon we can share all these again. A number of local and varied businesses are opening again, so check these out and FB and please visit them .. but observing the safety rules at all times!

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The Good Life: 1 June 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

Well, we are taking the first tentative steps back to what we could laughingly call “normal life”, but we still need to take care and observe the rules of ‘social distancing’, regular hand washing etc.

It seems that many of our over enthusiastic tourists are ignoring the constraints and the Hills were again crowded last weekend, to the extent that a couple of popular ‘open space’ areas were closed and police were patrolling.

It is to be hoped that 3MDR will soon return to regular programming and already there are plans for some live shows to be broadcast again. I look forward to the return of The Good Life and have several tentative interviews lined up.

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The Good Life: 25 May 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

Another week off air!  However, some of the 3MDR live programs will soon be restarting, but not mine alas.. I fail the age test!  However, I do look forward to being with you again before too long!

It is encouraging to see that some of our small speciality businesses in the Mt Dandenong villages are reopening, but it is to be hoped that shoppers will observe the constraints recommended and do not place themselves and others at risk! We just can’t afford to be complacent yet!!

An interview to which I am looking forward to after we return to air is with an author whose writing I very much admire.  I have enjoyed all of Louisa Larkin book ( L.A.Larkin) and her latest is no exception.  Titled Prey, it is a harsh and challenging crime novel which exposes one of the cruelest illegal trades in the worlds.

Louisa spares herself nothing in the course of her research and in this book she gone to extreme lengths to secure the background knowledge (and even skills, such as using a rifle!) to enable her to write with such authority.

I look forward to sharing this interview with Good Life listeners.

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The Good Life: 18TH MAY 2020 (In recess)

Hello Good Lifers,

What a mixed up time this is!  Horror at the number of deaths world wide, some optimism about Australia’s situation, but desperate times for many people for many different reasons.

 It is wonderful that families are again able to visit aged relatives in care and that family members can meet again.  However, for many people without families or close friends, there is still the isolation of being deprived of cinemas, theatres and other sources of entertainment.  It will be interesting to see how the footie season works out!

As well as a disappointment to dedicated theatre goes, it was also saddening for the performers and behind the scenes participants for us to read that the 1812 Theatre has cancelled all its productions for the rest of this year. If you have already purchased tickets, check their FB page or contact box office to resolve this.

Our musicians, too, are having a hard time but at least their audiences can still view a number of their performances on Face Book sites and such.

Congratulations to Cathy Dobson, whose latest song (Farmer’s Lament) has won her yet another award and to Matt Joe Gow & Weeping Willows for a hugely successful release of their new offering! I’m looking forward to trying to arrange some studio visits down the track ….

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The Good Life: 11 May 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

There is an old Chinese curse which was wished upon enemies “May you live in interesting times!”  and I suspect that could apply now! So many lives have been, and are, being disrupted by this virus.  Such a volatile  situation which shifts and changes every day as we have to adjust our lives accordingly.

It is great that 3MDR staff have managed to continue providing entertaining and informative replacement programs and I am happy to have my ‘live’ 2 minutes on air each week to introduce these sessions.

Life is hard for so many of our local musicians, restaurateurs, artists, but – resourceful people that they are! – we are still able to enjoy music they bring now into our living rooms and the meals which can be delivered to our dining tables!

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The Good Life: 4 May 2020

Hello Good Lifers,

Another week gone and I suspect we are all beginning to reluctantly accept this new “normal” in our lives. It is difficult to believe things will ever be quite the same again….

Our dedicated team at 3MDR have come up with a series of interesting programs to replace The Good Life during our enforced “holiday”. These are programs previously broadcast by Community Radio Network and cover books, theatre, cinema and interviews with a variety of guests, all of which sounds interesting. (But you are NOT allowed to prefer them to The Good Life!!!)

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The Good Life: 27 Apr (In Absentia)

Hello Good Lifers,

Another week which for me is sadly lacking the pleasure and stimulation of researching, prepping, and presenting The Good Life!  I realise this is a very minor grievance beside those which so many people are suffering .. but I do miss it!

I have been interested… and comforted… to hear from other normally voracious readers that their ability to concentrate and appreciate books Is at a low ebb.  I have several books by authors I really like but am finding it hard to escape through the printed word, as I usually!

My furry family does provide a pleasant diversion and I am delighted that so many people follow their daily capricious activities.. Well, Skitty’s activities!  The others are all quite well behaved!

Interesting how in times of stress we do seek unexpected diversions… J Continue reading “The Good Life: 27 Apr (In Absentia)”

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